We believe that tanning is both an art and a science! That's why we have carefully chosen our tanning equipment to give you a deep, long-lasting, safe tan. When you tan at Daria Tanning, you'll not only look great, but you'll feel great too!

Our staff are specially trained to advise you on the best way to tan at Daria Tanning. We will recommend the best equipment for your skin type and we will also work out the ideal tanning programme for you, to maximise results!

Our Sunbeds

Ergoline Excellence

Balanced Tan technology makes the desire for a deep and even over-all tan come true. Using cutting-edge computer simulations, the UV geometry of the Evolution and Excellence series is perfectly tailored to the human body.

Ergoline Prestige

Prestige, the Ergoline flagship series, continues the Ergoline tradition of setting the highest standards for professional sunbeds. The spacious tanning tunnel and Multi Relax acrylic will give your customers unrestricted freedom and an absolutely relaxed body position.

Ergoline Soltron "Citrus City"

Soltron 'Citrus City' Vertical Tanning Bed - its space-saving, vertical design and fast exposure schedule allows you to get in, get out and enjoy a great tan!