At Daria Tanning we offer one of the best cosmetics from Australian Gold. Plain and simply, Austarlian Gold products provide you with high quality tanning, gels and sprays that work. Created with the latest in tanning tachnology, the finest ingredients and fabulous fragrances, Austarlian Gold products is a name you can rely on.

Bronze Pearlfection®

Show off that gorgeous glow and achieve Bronze Pearlfection™ with this bronzing mineral lotion!  The power of twenty-five deep darkening bronzers are infused with natural crushed pearls to nourish the skin from the inside out, making it appear more resilient, firmer and rejuvenated.   This fantastic combination of bronzers and skin-saving minerals creates a perfect moisture level for undeniably dark, soft and beautiful color.

Risque Ritual®

Ignite your darkest desires of pleasure with Risqu Ritual® extreme StimuTan® heat! Live on the edge and feel the power of ultra hot tingle mixed with ten deep, dark color enhancing bronzers. With color this dark, they're sure to say "Ooh la la! C'est Magnifique!" Extreme Tingle T40: Maximum level of intense reddening for the darkest color. Tanning Trio: Advanced bronzers work synergistically with tingle for radiant tones. Dark Bronzing Blend for flawless dark skin. Color Enhancers.


Ever wish that lotion you purchased for your tanning session could also be used to help maintain that beautiful, golden color in-between sessions?  Well, that wish is now granted!  This first, dual-use sunless bronzer works whether you are steppin’ into a tanning bed or steppin’ out on the town!  ElimiScent™ Technology removes the dreaded sunless odor to ensure you get decadent color without anyone knowing you had help!

Hot!® with Bronzers

The darker the hotter! Hot!® with Bronzers is definitely how you'll look and feel when four bronzers give you the rich, dark color you desire. So turn up the heat with Hot!® with Bronzers. Fourth Dimension Bronzers: Provide darker, longer-lasting color PLUS immediate color that lasts up to 8 days. Dark Tanning Omega Oils: Macadamia, KuKui, Olive and Tea Tree oils help to condition and moisturize.

Almost Famous®

You'll have a famously dark tan with the amazing new triple bronzing formula with Lipocare contouring blend. Lipocare® Blend: Anti-Wrinkle, firming and slimming complex designed to visibly firm and contour the skin. Natural Bronzing Extracts: Natural botanical ingredients that provide immediate bronze color. Bronzing Complex: DHA-based ingredients produce delayed, natural looking color that is fully noticeable within 12-24 hours. BioTanning Complex. Tea fragrance.

Skin Tight™

Turn heads with this powerful blend of natural bronzers and firming ingredients.  Using the power of the popular Stevia plant and the high levels of skin-tightening caffeine found in coffee, you’re sure to make others jealous of that gorgeous tight body!  Top off that FitFigure™ with an industry first “make-up for your skin”, that fills in imperfections for a flawless finish and leaves skin touchably soft.  Say good-bye to troublesome cellulite!

Primal Instinct®

Get this year’s hottest look of the season: sexy, dark color.  This 15x bronzer with AussieDark™ Technology combines a Native Australian ingredient with rich natural bronzers and DHA for deep, color that lasts and gives you the primal urge to show-off. Decadent moisturizers and Vitamins will ensure your skin is soft and ready for action.  Delightfully dark, smooth skin is sure to trigger your Primal Instinct™ to look great!

Shades of Summer®

Finally, a lotion that lasts as long as those amazing summer memories!  Show off gorgeous beach color that will last days longer due to Marathon Color™ Technology.  An exceptional blend of DHA and Blue-Green Algae keeps that straight-off-the-beach dark color sustained for picture perfect bronze perfection even in the dead of winter.  Take a mini-vacation with each trip to the tanning salon and keep that dark color from fading with Shades of Summer™ all year round!

Peace, Love & Cupcakes®      

Cure your craving for delightfully dark skin with Peace, Love & Cupcakes™.  This 10x deliciously dark bronzer will give you deep, natural color while a perfect mix of skincare gives your skin a sweet treat glow!  Hemp Seed Oil conditions, moisturizes and protects from toxins making you look (and smell) good enough to taste!  This is one treat you can afford to overindulge in…it is calorie-free!!

Going GaGa®

Snap, Snapget ready for those flashing lights with this decadently dark bronzer plus light reflecting shimmer. You'll be able to shine with gorgeous, unforgettable color and shimmer that will have everybody Going GaGa! Decadent Dark Bronzers: Combination of natural bronzers work together for deep, dark color. Sensational Silver: Rejuvenating silver extract has powerful antioxidant and cell-renewal properties for healthy skin.

Kiss Kiss Bronze Bronze®      

Exotic Dual Bronzing Accelerator infused with native Australian oils and Vitamins A and E. It's like being kissed twice by the sun. Dual Bronzers: DHA and natural bronzing blend for darker, instant and longer color. Biosine Complex®: Conditions and hydrates your skin for maximum dark color potential. Vitamins A and E: Help protect the skin from fine lines and wrinkles. You'll feel like you have your feet in the sand with this Fruity Coconut fragrance.

Bearly Legal®

Get a tan so dark it is almost illegal with Bearly Legal lotion. You'll crave this hemped-out dark bronzing formula, Anti-Oxidant Vitamins E and A Nourishes and protects the skin from the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Natural Bronzing Extracts Botanical ingredients that provide immediate bronzed color. Hemp Seed Extract Moisture intense extract that is also a remarkable natural delivery system of other ingredients. Anti Wrinkle and Firming Blend Visibly younger, toned skin.

Sinfully Black®

Indulge your guilty pleasures with the deviously dark bronzing formula that will instantly make others envious of your Sinfully Black® color. No need to repent! Be proud of your dark, rich color! Get greedy with this 15x brew of Hemp Seed Oil, Black Currant Oil, KuKui Nut Oil and other skin nourishing Vitamins for skin so soft and gorgeous it will be lusted over! Being this dark is sinful.15x Deviously Dark Bronzers: Combination of natural bronzers provide immediate dark bronzing results.

Cheeky Brown®

Get dark fast with Cheeky Brown® advanced formula with natural bronzers. Native Australian Oils, Vitamins A & E and Herbal DNA create a skin-hydrating formula for maximum tanning experience. Get cheeky with it - show off dark tan color! Natural Bronzer Extracts: Combination of natural bronzers for immediate results that last 1-2 days. Herbal DNA: Enriched for intense moisture retention and powerful skin protecting antioxidants. Classic Australian Gold® CocoaDreams fragrance.

Forever After®

You worked hard for your tan, now keep it Forever After®. This intensely moisturizing lotion features a triple action anti-wrinkle, firming and slimming complex and Hemp Seed Extract for unparalleled results and a warm, creamy vanilla fragrance to entice your senses. Lipocare Blend: Anti-wrinkle, firming and slimming complex designed to visibly firm and contour the skin. Hemp Seed Extract: Moisture intense extract that is also a remarkable natural delivery system of many great ingredients.