You shouldn't use a sunbed when you have any of the conditions listed below. Always ask your GP!

  • A very fair skin tone (Phototype 1)
  • Allergic reaction to sun exposure, are over-sensitive to sun rays
  • Vitiligo
  • Acne, rosacea or cold sores
  • Enlarged or broken blood vessels on the face or body
  • Numerous moles, birth marks or scars
  • Fresh, healing tattoos
  • During pregnancy or monthly period
  • Fever or inflammation
  • During recovery after a surgical procedure
  • Coronary disease, kidney or thyroid conditions, epilepsy or other chronic ilnesses
  • Undergoing cosmetic or medical procedures, especially when involving:
    • fruit acid
    • retinol
    • glycolic acid
    • bleaching products
  • Undergoing cleansing or depilatory procedures
  • Using cosmetic products containing:
    • retinol
    • AHA and BHA acids
    • pine tar shampoo
  • Using deodorants or perfume directly before tanning
  • Using sunscreening agents

Follow the advice of the tanning salon staff and make sure the choice of bed and tanning time suits your skin's phototype. Never use the tanning bed more often than once a day, three days a week. Start with short tanning sessions, let your skin adjust and show the desired effects – our staff will help you create your own tanning plan. Your skin will be tanned after three to seven sessions and you'll need one or two sessions per week to keep it looking healthy and beautiful. Remember, your skin does not have to be red to tan - redness is a sign of skin irritation!

Use only tanning salon-specific cosmetics, which guarantee protection and care for your skin and make the tanning session faster and more effective. Apply the product right before the tanning session and do not use sun creams bought in pharmacies or supermarkets – often enough, they are not tested in tanning salon conditions.

Do not use deodorant or perfume before tanning – they could cause an allergic reaction. During the tanning session, your eyes must be protected – closing them is not enough – please wear the protective glasses. If you're wearing contact lenses, you don't have to take them out, but remember to wear the protective glasses.

Choose the bed you want to use, enter the cubicle, take off your jewelry and watch, remove your make-up. Lie down on your back (or stand, if in a vertical bed), press the START button and close the top part (or door) of the tanning bed. The bed will switch off automatically when the session is finished. After the session, it's advised to rest for a few minutes. Our staff will offer you water.

Don't use the shower for up to three hours after the session. Aftercare cosmetics should be applied directly after the session or after a shower at home. When you regularly moisturize and care for your skin, it will remain tanned for longer and appear healthy.

If you are sick or recovering after an illness, you should consult your GP before using a tanning bed or sunbathing.

If you are on medication or are using contraceptive pills, read the documentation and consult your GP. If you're pregnant or shortly after giving birth, you should consult your GP before using a tanning bed or sunbathing.